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ESCP Business School Certificate


Seize the business opportunities in the Metaverse

Certificate issued by ESCP Business School.
For executives and managers, marketing and innovation services and HR functions.
Format: Face-to-face or 100% remote.
Prerequisites: No prerequisite is necessary for this training.


Issued by ESCP Business School


For executives and managers, marketing and innovation services and HR functions


7 hours training
Face-to-face or 100% remote


No prerequisite is necessary for this training


The Metaverse for Business training, offered by ESCP Business School and Netexplo, is a short professional course for managers and executives. The certifying course gives access to a Certificate issued by ESCP Business School. This recognized training aims to make the link between Metaverse and Business.


Discover the agenda of our Metaverse Training

Throughout the year, Metaverse for Business training sessions are organized either face-to-face or remotely in an inter-company or intra-company format. The 1-day format allows you to immerse yourself fully in the Metaverse training, with professionals facing the same problems you are.

Inter Sessions

Sessions exclusively for your company

Description of the
Metaverse for Business

Contents are in the Booklet

Educational objectives

- Better understand and integrate emerging uses, widespread among new generations
- Anticipate the impact of these new technologies on our practices and discover the tools we will use every day
- Reflect on the future of work and social interactions in the workplace

Méthod and tools

- Asynchronous e-learning platform
- Virtual Classes: Q&A Session and Small Group Workshop
- Courses facilitated by ESCP Business School professors as well as first-hand accounts from companies
- Downloading course materials
- Interactive quizzes


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:
- Decode the key concepts and issues of Metaverse, beyond the media buzz
- Develop an understanding of the time horizons associated with this set of innovations
- Identify the development opportunities offered by the Metaverse, through the presentation of initiatives in various economic sectors o Begin to apply these takeaways thanks to the workshop


Ghislain Mazars

Founder and CEO of Hfactory

Director of the HEC Data Factory


FAQs on the Metaverse for Business training

A new reality, Metaverse transcends reality and virtual reality by relying on new technological tools that create the sense of presence and offer new ways of interacting, educating, entertaining, consuming and consequently open new business opportunities.

Our training provides a broad overview of the changes taking place, deepens their technological and societal dimensions, and provides an initial overview of the strategies adopted by large companies in this new space that is the Metaverse.

The training provides a general overview of Metaverse and the issues that may be of interest to a very large audience within companies. However, the marketing and virtual work aspects – the first impacted by Metaverse today – are particularly highlighted.

The Metaverse for Business program is therefore primarily aimed at managers and managers, marketing and innovation services and HR functions, who are led to integrate Metaverse into their sector or their profession.

The Metaverse for Business training takes place face-to-face or remotely.

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